Cloud Storage vs Cloud Computing – An Overview

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If you don’t live under a rock, then you definitely have heard the terms cloud storage and cloud computing. Though these terms are used quite frequently in the world of technology, many are people are left confused as to what these terms specifically refers to. Don’t worry now, because we are here to remove any iota of doubt you have regarding these terms.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to the process of storing data to remote areas in hardware. The data can be accessed anytime with the help of the internet. People generally use cloud storage to save and share documents. This service is preferred over the traditional storing system as it much more easily manageable and cheaper. Some of the main components of the cloud storage are server management, syncing and hard drive space. Cloud storage has been even more popular with the rise of mobile phone technology.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing helps you to perform tasks while being on the internet. So in a way, cloud storage is a form of cloud computing but vice versa is not true. In cloud computing, applications (generally third party) send data to remote locations for processing, the power of which depends upon your chosen plan. When the process is completed, output is given via same route. Cloud computing is a very useful tool for businesses more than individuals. Some of the features of cloud computing are server management, virtualization capabilities, processing power and specificity to business requirements.


So, both the services are operated by cloud service providers and the security is an important point. With the advancement in the internet speed around the world and the need to store or process more data that can be managed in a single device, the cloud services have become quite popular in last few years.

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